Michael Sarmiento

My fascination with portraiture all started with drawing: Sketches, portraits and watching people in their everyday lives. However, I could never get people to stand still nor could I create perfect pictures in minutes, regardless of how hard I tried.

My grandmother introduced me to her cameras; vintage ones she collected during the peak of her career in the photography business back in the 60’s. These cameras were used for years and stored when her career waned, collecting dust and rust in the process. When I cracked open my grandmother’s stash, the cameras came out looking worn and battered. A few of them managed to survive, functioning well to this day.

My grandmother’s cameras made me fall in love with film photography. They serve as my quick sketchpad. I don’t mind carrying these old, heavy cameras. For me, they are like time machines, capturing moments that would otherwise be lost, recording and preserving them on film.

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