Jerome Jovellanos

Jerome Zabala Jovellanos initially tinkered with his dad’s Nikon EM in fifth grade, thinking that a complicated-looking camera probably takes better photos (well, he learned later that it was an SLR and it did take good photos). He was instructed to always keep it at 5.6 (what the heck is 5.6 anyway?), but he kept it that way without asking questions. That camera went into oblivion and so he did his task as school paper photographer with a point and shoot in high school. Fast forward to 2005, got into a formal photography workshop to learn the basics and to somehow “eliminate guesswork” shooting with a Nikon F80s. He later got bitten by the lomography bug, after reading a magazine article and seeing the photo of a Russian soldier holding a LOMO LC-A to his face, subsequently acquiring several toy and vintage film cameras. He went digital in 2009 but still enjoys film photography, as it is a more deliberate, disciplined approach. He currently works in the Philippines’ planning agency.

Email: jzjovellanos @