Tats Goto

Born in 1983, Tokyo, Japan.

Born and raised in Tokyo for eighteen years,
And he loved learning English.

When he was grade 11,
he spent 5 weeks in Pennsylvania,
studied English at ESL Summer School.

Since then, his passion about photography was already started.
He used about 10 rolls of films in 5 weeks.

He decided to abroad to Canada to study “in English”,
spent several years to get his degree in University of Manitoba,
also completed his Bachelor of Education in 2011.

He was influenced about photography by many friends at the university,
now he is a teacher who loves camera and photography.
He takes camera anywhere, anytime, and his students even know it.
He is passionate about portrait.

Whenever he goes home (Japan), takes old medium format camera with him,
shoot some portrait with film.
His photos occasionally gain some positive feedback from his friends.

Website: Flickr